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If you need a motor or controller designed and manufactured just for your project, you’ve come to the right place!

At Composite Motors, we have made it our mission to excel at the design and manufacture of electrical motors and controllers. Our drive to deliver began in 1966 in Attleboro, Massachusetts, when we opened up shop as Joburn Tool. At that time, we worked in the tool and die business. It wasn’t long before we shifted trajectories and began manufacturing semiconductor packaging materials for the electronics industry as Composite Technical Alloys. After decades in the industry, we recognized a new need and our unique ability to fulfill that need. That is why we created Composite Modules, Inc. and our sister company, Composite Motors, Inc.

The beauty of these sister companies is that they often work seamlessly together to create custom solutions. Sometimes, a custom motor requires a custom driver, which means that we can provide the whole solution for you. Throughout our journey, we have always known that quality is a top concern for all our clients. That is why we use only the best materials and manufacturing processes. This along with our vertical supply chain, ensure your motors or modules don’t fail when you need them most.

Design and Manufacture of Controllers

The Composite Modules Division of CMI has over 40 years of technology and experience developing hermetically sealed devices and controllers. The critical design requirement to achieve hermetic packaging is to minimize the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) mismatch between mating surfaces of different materials. Utilizing our patented materials and technologies, we have perfected the controller to meet Mil-STD 883/Method 1014 requirements.

If you aren’t familiar with the terminology and requirements, that’s why we’re here. Our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of controllers. We understand all other aspects and requirements needed to build high quality, long-lasting products.

Our designs and specialty materials focus on three critical areas: Power/electronics, enclosure, and communication. In doing so, we maximize functionality and offer a stand-alone passively cooled product without any need for supplemental cooling (i.e., forced convection or liquid cooling).

What Approach Do We Take to the Design and Manufacture of Controllers?

CMI takes a more “holistic” approach in designing controllers.  Specifically, every electrical motor requires a power source. Suppose the system also utilizes a controller for power management and speed control. In that case, it is easier to establish the design parameters for the motor, controller, and power source (i.e., battery pack) at the same time.

Manufacturing Standard Products

CMI’s Drivers are designed dimensionally and electrically for common voltages (9VDC-24VDC). Our motor drivers include the power plane and driver board within the same enclosure.  Although our products are designed for passive cooling and hermetic sealing, they can be modified to meet benign environments. CMI utilizes the latest technology of Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and ASIC’s integrated with our proprietary materials technology in Hybrid Microelectronics.

Or our Engineering Team will collaborate with you on a new design to take advantage of our capabilities to increase performance, reduce the controller size, and minimize cost. Like motors, we can create customized controllers using a bottom-up, top/down, or build to print approach.

This is Our Niche

We are truly experts at what we do. We can build a motor or a module from a sketch on a cocktail napkin or precisely laid-out requirements. And we won’t secure a customer’s financial commitment until we know we can deliver exactly what you need. We do it all from our vertically integrated supply chain. Our products are made right here on American soil, which gives us a unique edge over competitors. Located in Brooksville, Florida, the Composite Motors’ corporate office also has seven additional buildings with 250,000 square feet of manufacturing, engineering, and production space.

Apart from producing and using American-made components and parts, we also pride ourselves on total commitment to premier customer service. All of our clients have direct access to our Executive Team and will find that our approach allows for flexibility and personalization for every project.

We Provide Solutions

Whether you are starting from scratch or you’re in the middle of a project and have hit a wall, our team has the skills and experience to help you come up with and deliver a solution. Contact us for more information or request a proposal!