The Composite Modules Division of CMI has developed proprietary materials to enable bare die attachment onto a ceramic substrate without the penalty of excessive heat. Specifically, our patented heat spreader alloy minimizes the CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) mismatch between the die and substrate, without the need for supplemental active cooling. Additionally, wire bonding (gold or aluminum wire) is used to establish the connections between the devices and maximize signal integrity.

Hybrid Micro Electronics

Composite Modules offers customers an expertise to develop high powered microelectronics with US-based manufacturing.
Our machinery has incorporated the latest in PLC based control, servo controlled axes, user friendly HMI, robust electrodes and power delivery systems. Using special materials and components unique to Composite Motors we include hermetic glass-sealed packages and lids—including leakage rates that are verifiably at the limits of all available tests.

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