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Do you have an application or product that requires an electric motor, but you’re not sure whether or not you should try to use a standard product or not? When companies attempt to use a standard electric motor for a specific application – or try to customize an off-the-shelf motor themselves – they will end up making significant and costly compromises. Did you know we can design and build an electric motor for the precise needs of your application? And that a customized motor doesn’t have to be too expensive or time-consuming to develop? In this article, we will cover some frequently asked questions about custom electric motors and their benefits.

What is an Electrical Motor?

Electric motors are devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electrical motors are powered with electricity. When powered up, they produce constant motion that will run a wide range of devices. They can be found in the home and workplace, and the list of practical applications is endless. You can find electric motors in a variety of tools, instruments, and implements.

Why Would You Choose an Electric Motor Over Another Type of Motor?

Electronic motors are widespread because they have a reputation for being more reliable than other motors. The main reason for this is because a typical combustion engine usually consists of more than 200 parts, while an electrically powered motor only has an average of 20 moving parts. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance. Also, they have much longer service lives than other motors.

Why Would You Choose to Have a Custom Electric Motor Designed and Built for Your Application?

Your company’s applications may be similar to an existing supplier of standard motors, but they probably aren’t 100% the same. That’s why you may be finding it difficult to find an off-the-shelf motor that will fulfill your needs. We design custom electric motors with slight modifications in size or variations in shape to suit your requirements. The sky’s the limit when you have an electric motor custom-designed!

We slightly modify electric motors to suit the needs of a particular application. Electric motors need to be completely compatible with the devices they power. An improperly sized or shaped motor will limit its overall effectiveness, causing unnecessary headaches and wasting time and resources.

The Benefits of Custom Electric Motors

Although standard options can offer excellent reliability and high performance, a custom design sometimes provides a better solution as we can make it to the precise characteristics your product needs. As a custom electric motor manufacturer, we see how custom motors specifically benefit our customers first hand.

Custom Electric Motors Are Precisely Tailored to Your Application

We can make custom electric motors in a variety of ways to suit the exact product in mind. A range of electric motor customization options is available, including voltage, shaft type/length, gearbox orientation, and output speed.

Custom Electric Motors Are More Efficient

We make custom electric motors to be compatible with your product. This means that your product will run as effectively as possible! A properly running electric motor will suffer less wear and tear, and reduces the risk of costly damage that could eventually derail production. We produce modified electric motors quickly and ship them ready to use. This spares you the time and struggle that comes with adapting an application to an electric motor that isn’t suited to it.

Custom Electric Motors Are Versatile

Electric motors can be customized for designers and manufacturers of products in most vertical sectors. No matter which sector you’re in, our engineers can provide effective, educated recommendations based on the requirements you provide. One of our specialties is electric motors made to withstand harsh environments like saltwater submersion and extreme ambient temperatures.

Custom Electric Motors Reduce Your Risk

Most of the time, the vendor takes on all risks and liability for a customized electric motor. If you try to adapt an off-the-shelf motor to suit your needs, you will be responsible for replacing parts if you damage something or the modification doesn’t work.

Want an Example of Electric Motor Customization?

Here’s a simple one: Consider an off-the-shelf motor that is cheaper than your budget but will not meet one or more of your application’s needs. While a cheaper motor sounds great for you and your company’s pockets, the downfall is, the motor may not meet every specification you need for your project. On the contrary, a customized electric motor will be able to exceed your expectations and add quality and longevity to your application.

Even though a customized motor may cost more than an off-the-shelf version, you will never have to compromise on a single specification because a motor can be built to meet or exceed every need of your project. Upon assessing the pros and cons, which seems more acceptable to you? A motor that is cheaper than expected, but you have to settle on your specifications? Or a motor that may be top of your budget, but every project specification is met or exceeded, and you have a high-quality, longlasting motor?

Is Customization Worth It?

Custom electric motors are one of the most cost-effective investments that a business can make. Custom electric motors have been around for over a century. And they are versatile pieces of equipment that can serve the needs of almost any application. With short lead times and long service lives, proper customizations can save time and money and boost your company’s profit.

Where Should My Company Get an Electric Motor?

As with anything, if you want a quality product, you need to get it from a vendor that has proven they can supply it. Companies that require an electric motor should start by finding a reliable vendor. However, an experienced vendor can thoroughly evaluate your company’s typical applications and determine what design will best fit your needs.

You will need to consider a full range of factors when selecting a custom motor supplier. We go into more details in this blog.

Looking for Custom Solutions?

We design and manufacture custom electric motors for medical devices and light industrial applications. Our services at Composite Motors stand out because we:

  1. Focus on customization. We can build to print a customer design, take a product, and modify it, or you can gift us a cocktail design, and we will build it.
  2. Customize a motor for smaller quantities.
  3. Focus on comp modules, differentiator specialty materials development, and packaging.

Whether it’s a small modification or a completely customized solution, we can get the job done. Contact our experts and request a proposal today!