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So, you have a project or product, and you need a motor controller. You’ve scoured every catalog you can find, but you haven’t been able to find precisely the right one to serve your needs. Now what?

What if we told you that we can make you a customized motor – or even a bespoke motor – for your project, and not only would it be perfect for your project but your budget? You might think this sounds almost too good to be true, right? And you might come up with a lot of reasons about how it wouldn’t work for your specific project or budget. We’re here to ask you to open your mind to the possibility that this is the solution you have been looking for.

The Benefits of Custom Motor Controllers

More and more people are purchasing customized or bespoke motor controllers because of the wealth of benefits  they come with. The benefits are so many that it would be hard to cover them all in a brief article, so we will narrow it down to six for our purposes today.

Six Benefits of a Customized or Bespoke Motor

Here are six benefits of commissioning a customized motor controller.

Benefit 1: Custom Motor Controllers Give You Precisely What You Need
You’ll get the performance you want from a motor without having to spend a long time searching for and setting up a motor that may only be a close fit to what you really need.

Benefit 2: Custom Motor Controllers Can Save You Money
When you only include the components you need for your specific application, then your cost will be lower. Why? Off-the-shelf motor controllers frequently contain features that you don’t need for your particular application. So, you are basically paying more for something that you don’t need.
Your upfront investments of time and money will quickly pay off when you choose a lower-cost custom controller. And you will spend less time setting up or installing the controller in your product.

Benefit 3: Custom Motor Controllers Save You Time
The setup and assembly of your final product can be much quicker when choosing a custom motor controller because the desired controller can be pre-programmed for you. This saves you complicated setup or testing time. You get the motor controller you need, pre-programmed with your requested settings.
Benefit 4: Custom Motor Controllers Can Be More Energy Efficient
Not only does this save energy, but it can save you money. If the board is optimized to your specific requirements, you may decrease the board’s actual energy usage in its application, and the environmental impact of the board as a whole.

Once again, custom motors have no unnecessary components, which saves you money and energy!

Benefit 5: Can be Customized to Your Special Requirements
You can request any physical and special requirements that you may need when you order a customized or bespoke motor controller. These requirements may be a simple request like it not exceeding 45mm in length. Or you may need something even more unusual like specialty circular controllers with holes in the middle that can be mounted inside motors, designed circular motor controllers, or strange shaped motor controllers.

Benefit 6: Extra Components and Accessories Can Be Added
What if you need some extra components in your motor controller? No problem. Ordering a custom motor controller means that you have the freedom to assemble your own custom package. And you can add whatever motors or extra accessories you need. Even if you need pots, plugin boards, motors, cables, or shaft couplers, we can work them in!

But is There Enough Time?

Now you may be thinking, this sounds amazing! This is just what I need! But we’re working on a short deadline and there is no way a custom motor controller could be customized, designed, or produced on our timeline. But you may be surprised. It may not take as long as you think to build out a custom motor controller. You could have a custom controller in your hands in four weeks, depending on how complex the project is.

How is that possible? A company like ours spends all our time and resources designing, modifying, testing, and programming motor controllers. We’ve worked on thousands of projects. And there’s a chance that we’ve already designed its key components or maybe something like it. Because of the type of machining that we use, if we’ve already got something like it programmed into the software that controls our machines, we can get prototypes rapidly assembled, programmed, and shipped to you.

Looking for Custom Solutions?

We’ve got them! We design and manufacture custom electric motors for medical devices and light industrial applications. Our services at Composite Motors stand out because we:

  1. Focus on customization. We can build to print a customer design, take a product and modify it, or you can gift us a cocktail design, and we will build it.
  2. Customize a motor for smaller quantities.
  3. Focus on comp modules, differentiator specialty materials development, and packaging.

And you can trust us! Our story is a long one. While the years have brought many changes, from our company name to our industry, we have never faltered in our mission to deliver highly designed and performing custom solutions.

Since 1965, we have been committed to delivering high-quality and high-precision electronic products for extreme environments. Composite Motors has met the continuous demand from industry leaders for smaller sizes, greater functionality, and innovative electronic devices that operate in harsh environments. Whether it’s a slight modification or a completely customized solution, we can get the job done.

If you are ready for the perfect solution to your needs, the process is simple. Get started by contacting our experts and requesting a proposal today!After reviewing your needs, we can decide whether or not we have a standard option available for you. Whether we need to customize a motor for you, or we need to design and build to print your custom motor controller. No matter what the case, we’ll guide you in the process and be there every step of the way!