Hermetically Sealed Devices

HERMETICITY: The state of being airtight or gastight.

The Composite Modules Division of CMI has over 40 years of technology and experience to develop hermetic packaging for electronic devices and assemblies. By focusing on the CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) Mismatch with the enclosure and respective connectors, our patented materials and manufacturing processes will create a package for the electronics that achieves Mil-STD 883/Method 1014 requirements.

Also, Composite Modules offers customers the option to provide an electronic package for an existing device/assembly or collaborate with our Engineering Team on a new design to take advantage of our capabilities to increase performance, reduce the size and minimize cost.

Our machinery has incorporated the latest in PLC based control, servo controlled axes, user friendly HMI, robust electrodes and power delivery systems. Using special materials and components unique to Composite Motors we include hermetic glass-sealed packages and lids—including leakage rates that are verifiably at the limits of all available tests

Standard Products

Hermetically Packaged DC Motor Controller

  • Voltage Range: 8-24 VDC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20C-+125C
  • Peak Current: 80 A

Changes Can Be Accommodated, Contact Our Specialist For More Information

Power Mosfet for CMI Packaging

  • SinglePac Mosfets
  • DualPac Mosfets
  • Quadpac Mosfets

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