With the help of modern technology, industrial automation robotics is a rapidly growing field in today’s world. While AI is helping automate the software and logistics side of businesses, robotic systems are streamlining mechanical and manufacturing operations.

High-performance motors and controllers are partially responsible for making such systems and automation solutions a reality. At Composite Motors, Inc. (CMI), we serve customers in diverse industries with brushless DC motors, rugged controllers, and much more to support machinery automation.

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How Motors are Used for Industrial Machines & Robotics

When you install robotics or automation equipment in your industrial facility, it can incorporate many different motor systems and related components. Here at Composite Motors Services, Inc. we specialize in custom-designed and engineered brushless motors. Our products include:

  • Brushless Motors in AC or DC Current
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • All our Motors are Slotted and Synchronous

Brushless DC Motors

With a high torque-to-inertia ratio, powerful brushless DC motors operate across a wide range of speeds, loads, and industrial applications, such as systems that require slow but constant speeds. These motors come in different sizes as well as voltage input and power output levels, and you’ll commonly find them in battery-powered systems. They offer fast response times for stopping, starting, changing direction, and accelerating. A low-maintenance alternative to AC motors, DC motors are powerful and easy to install, offer variable speed capabilities, and don’t produce part-damaging harmonic effects. This motor type generates high starting torque for handling low-speed, variable-speed, and accelerated operations. You have multiple options for speed control in DC motors, as well.

Motor Controllers

Controllers are mechanisms that manage operation within the above three types of motors. The controllers will either use manual inputs from human operators to direct motor activity, or they can take input from sensors with little to no human intervention. Once a controller receives the input, it will send out a signal that controls the position, speed, acceleration, and direction of a motor. Complex industrial robotic automation systems can incorporate multiple controllers to handle simultaneous or intricate tasks.

Custom Motors for the Automation & Robotics Industry

As automation and robotics become more sophisticated, their parts also must adapt as well. At CMI, we offer full customizations of AC or DC electric motors for your specific automation needs.

This offers many benefits, including:

Manufactured to Your Exact Requirements. Robotic systems are complex and require that all of the components fit together to be perfectly in sync with each other. Without that level of precision, automation can break down or run less efficiently. If you are choosing from a line of standard motors, oftentimes you will only be able to find a similar model to what you need. This can either hurt your production line or will require you to spend even more money making it fit your exact torque, speed, or environmental protection needs.

Fit Into Your Existing Systems. Motors often need to fit into pre-existing systems, and this often requires modifications. The size of your motor can often present challenges if it does not fit into your space. With engineering services, modifications can be made to the outside enclosure of your electric motors to help them fit into the space.

Customizations. If you buy your motor off-the-shelf, the distributor might not be willing to offer any customization options. It can be difficult to find a company willing to sell a motor and offer an array of value-added services. Customizations such as cables, sub-assemblies, or custom motor winding can be costly if you need to buy the motor from a distributor and then find another engineering company to perform these value-added services.

Motors & Controllers for Industrial Machines & Robotics by CMI

Automation and robotics are the future of industrial systems, efficiently and accurately handling everything from goods processing and manufacturing to pick-and-place and palletizing tasks. At CMI, we design and develop high-quality, USA-made electrical motors, controllers, and more that enable our customers and their machinery to work efficiently, continuously, and safely. Our business model has always been to support our customer’s design requirements and specific needs when it comes to their electric motors. We offer a full line of customized motor controllers and electronics such as hermetically-sealed packaging as well. Reach out today to learn more about how CMI products can support your industrial automation and robotics systems.