Composite Motors is a designer and manufacturer of precision electrical motors and controllers. As part of our product capabilities, we can create custom controllers for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. We utilize advanced controller technologies to ensure long-lasting performance, even in hostile environments.

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Custom BLDC Motor Controllers

Custom BLDC Controllers

A BLDC motor controller is an electronic device responsible for regulating the operation of BLDC motors. More specifically, it controls the torque and speed of the motor and can also start, stop, and reverse its rotation.

These devices often sense the rotor’s position using sensors; however, sensorless options are also available. Once the sensors identify the position of the rotor, they transmit this data to the controller, which subsequently instructs the transistors to switch the electrical current and energize the appropriate stator winding at the proper time.

Typical BLDC motor controllers have a half-H bridge or half-bridge circuit. Compared to H bridge circuits, this configuration only has two switches – one low-side and one high-side transistor. BLDC controllers are similar in structure to brushed DC motor controllers. Apart from being brushless, the primary difference is that BLDC controllers have three phases, with at least two transistors per phase.

Due to the complexity of BLDC motor controllers, it’s important to work with an experienced provider like Composite Motors. We can deliver quality, customized BLDC controllers for everything from industrial robots and electric vehicles to computer hard drives and more.

Custom BLDC Controllers Benefits

BLDC motor controllers from Composite Motors offer several advantages, including:

  • Efficiency. BLDC motor controllers are highly efficient and provide precise control over the motor’s torque and speed.
  • Reliability. BLDC controllers from Composite Motors are highly reliable and can operate for extended periods without failure.
  • Flexibility. We can customize our BLDC controllers to meet your specific application requirements.
  • Quiet Operation. Using these controllers helps BLDC motors run without generating noise.
  • Dynamic Response. Our BLDC controllers facilitate a faster dynamic response, which is critical in applications requiring rapid changes in motor direction or speed.
  • Speed-Torque Control. Compared to brushed DC and induction motor controllers, these devices provide better speed-to-torque characteristics.
  • Longevity. Our BLDC motor controllers are designed to provide long-lasting performance, with some lasting up to 30,000 hours or more.
  • Decreased Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). The internal components of BLDC motors are enclosed, resulting in reduced electromagnetic interference.

Custom BLDC Controllers Applications

We can customize our BLDC motor controllers to fit the needs of various applications, including:

  • Industrial Automation Systems. BLDC motor controllers are used in industrial automation systems to control the speed and position of motors.
  • Electric Vehicles. BLDC motor controllers play a key role in controlling the torque and speed of electric vehicle motors.
  • Robotics. In robotic systems, BLDC controllers are used to precisely control the movement of robotic arms and wheels.
  • Medical Devices. Customized BLDC controllers improve the performance, lifespan, efficiency, and accuracy of pumps and motors found in medical devices.
  • Aerospace. Custom BLDC controllers support a wide range of communication interfaces and auxiliary equipment used throughout the aerospace industry.

Custom BLDC Controllers from Composite Motors

BLDC controllers play an integral role in controlling the speed, direction, and torque of BLDC motors. At Composite Motors, we can customize BLDC controllers to meet your unique specifications and application requirements. All of our controllers are built to last and deliver optimal performance in harsh operating environments.

To learn more about our unique solutions get in touch with one of our experts to find out how we can serve you.