Within the military and defense industry, electric motors are used for a wide range of critical functions. From improving tactical advantages to achieving faster speeds, electric motors are a vital component in various military vehicles. At Composite Motors, Inc. (CMI), we have a long history of collaborating with military and defense customers to deliver quality electric motor and controller solutions. We understand the industry’s unique needs and challenges, and ensure our military products perform optimally every time.

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Motors for Defense Industry

How Electric Motors Are Used In the Military and Defense Industry

Electric motors are used throughout the military and defense industry for a variety of purposes. Common uses include:

Advanced Vehicles

The U.S. Army and other military branches are turning to more advanced vehicles that feature radars, weapons, radios, and other mission-critical components. They are also looking to shift towards fully electric or hybrid vehicles to enhance safety and lethality. Using electric motors in these vehicles enables quieter operations, a reduced heat signature, and the ability to forgo a centralized engine. These advantages result in improved vehicle resiliency and improved stealth for soldiers.


In addition to electric vehicles, electric motors are used in other military applications such as submarines, ships, and drones. For instance, the U.S. Navy has been utilizing electric motors in its submarines for several years. Within these applications, electric motors are used to drive the propellers, provide stealthy operation, and enhance overall control.

Custom Motors for the Military and Defense Industry

DC motors, particularly brushless DC motors, can be found in numerous military and defense applications, including:

  • eVTOL applications
  • UAVs
  • Commercial and military jets
  • Helicopters

At CMI, we offer electric DC motors with voltage ratings from 18 to 270 VDC. These motors are durable and ruggedized to ensure optimal performance in high temperatures and other extreme military conditions.

We provide motors and controllers for a range of military and defense projects, and we have several case studies and application data sheets to showcase our motors in action. Please click here to view/download the data sheet.

The Benefits of Electric Motors

Electric motors offer a range of benefits for use in military and defense applications. These benefits include:

  • Fewer moving components. Electric motors have fewer moving parts compared to internal combustion engines. This makes them more dependable and less prone to costly breakdowns.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Because they have fewer moving parts, electric motors also require significantly less maintenance than internal combustion engines. This ultimately translates to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficiency. Electric motors convert nearly 80% of electrical energy into mechanical motion, whereas internal combustion engines only convert between 12% and 30%.
  • Environmentally friendly. Electric motors produce zero emissions, making them a more sustainable alternative to internal combustion engines.
  • Regenerative capabilities. Electric motors can use braking energy to recharge the batteries. This not only further improves efficiency but also allows for continuous use.

Motors & Controllers From Composite Motors

At CMI, our series of brushless DC electric motors is made possible by our proprietary design and materials. All clad metals are manufactured in-house at our sister company, Composite Modules, and are designed to achieve maximum thermal transfer. Additionally, our motors and controllers include high-power, hermetically sealed drives to ensure lasting performance, even in hostile environments.

For more information about our electric motor and controller solutions for the military and defense industry, contact us today.