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Composite Motors
Custom Electrical Motors and Services

-Frameless, Modified Standard, & Build to Print Solutions-

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Custom Built Stators

Manufacturing Services

Engineering Services

Composite Modules
Hybrid Microelectronics and
Hermetically Sealed Devices

-Small, High-Powered Customized Assemblies and Components-

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High-Powered Hybrid Microelectronics

Hermetically Sealed Drivers
& Controllers

Let Us Add Power to Your Project

What Our Customers are Saying!

“Excellent working relationship, top quality finished product, innovative ideas.”

Medical Device Manufacturer

“You and your principal were very quick to respond to meet our needs. You delivered the design as promised while being easy to work with and always being there to address any issues when needed.”

Large Multi-national Medical Device and Systems Supplier

“Timely deliverables provided in a clear and concise manner. Your team was professional and friendly, and communicated via phone, email and in-person meetings.”

Defense Industry Supplier