CMI creates high-precision custom Brushless/Permanent Magnet Electric Motors as for t demanding applications. All of our manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S.A. and customizable to meet a customer’s specific needs. With their low maintenance requirements, quiet operation, and ability to produce high torque at low speeds, electric motors deliver many essential benefits and unrivaled performance throughout many diverse applications.

At CMI, we help various industries access innovative electric motors and controllers. The most common markets we serve include medical devices, aerospace, military, and industrial machines and robotics. Read on for an overview of our solutions for these industries.


Medical Devices Electric motors, especially brushless DC motors, are of increasing importance to the medical industry. The unique benefits these motors feature make them particularly well-suited to medical devices. For example, since they feature fewer vulnerable parts that are subject to wear, brushless DC motors typically last twice as long as competing technologies. Their life expectancy is around 10,000 hours, while a brushed motor only delivers between 2,000 to 5,000. Brushless DC motors also feature top speeds that are not limited by a large number of poles, which makes them a suitable alternative to stepper motors.

Another benefit of using electric motors for medical devices is their efficiency. They operate more efficiently than other types of motors and can reduce energy consumption as well as the costs associated with it. Electric motors deliver a wide range of speed control and are easy to operate with precise movements. In addition, they have enough overload capacity without loss of life of the machine and can operate in four quadrants.

In medical environments, cleanliness is critical. At CMI, the brushless DC motors and associated electronics that we design and manufacture are autoclavable and able to withstand the rigors of the sterilization process. Used in conjunction with a CMI Designed Hermetically Packaged Motor Controller; the solution set ns, delivers many advantages, including:

500+ Autoclave Cycles
Small Sizes
Wide range of speed control
Multi-Function Purpose
CMI is proud to serve the medical and veterinary industries. For more information on our motors in these applications, please review our case studies and data sheets.


Aerospace The aerospace industry demands uniquely durable solutions, designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. Brushless DC motors are ideal for these applications as they are compact and, unlike brushed motors, can endure extreme environmental conditions while adhering to mission-critical performance requirements. At CMI, our motors utilize unique proprietary materials and packaging technologies to deliver high power density and reliable operation in demanding aerospace environments.

Our motor controller electronics provide four quadrant motor operation at voltages up to 24 V, making them an ideal choice for battery-powered applications.

You can learn more about our motors and controllers for the aerospace industry by reading our case studies and application data sheets.


Military & Defense In the military and defense industry, electric motors perform a diverse range of critical functions, including:

  • Increase onboard power capabilities for directed-energy weapons, electrified armor, and jammers
  • Reduce maintenance costs and their associated logistics footprint
  • Provide tactical advantages, such as silent watch and silent mobility
  • Reduce thermal and acoustic signature
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels

In addition, electric motors allow military vehicles to achieve faster speeds, as each wheel can be controlled independently for both grip and rotation direction. At CMI, we have a long history of collaborating on military and defense projects. We understand the unique needs of this industry and ensure that our military products perform flawlessly every time.

You can learn more about our solutions for the military industry by reviewing our case studies and application data sheets.


Industrial Machines & Robotics Electric motors, particularly brushless DC motors, are becoming increasingly vital to industrial machinery and robotics due to their many benefits. For this industry, one key advantage of electric motors is that they allow robots to become battery-powered. This makes them inexpensive to power and easy to control. Brushless DC motors are particularly useful in mobile and collaborative robot applications that feature rotational motion.

Brushless DC motors provide variable speeds in a wide range above and below the rated speed. In addition, they are capable of a high starting torque for driving heavy loads in starting positions, as well as for applications that require acceleration. These high torque capabilities are a particular advantage in robotics. Electric motors can also deliver continuous torque over a given speed, where shaft power varies with the speed.

At CMI, we combine innovation with expert knowledge of materials to solve even the most complex industrial needs. Our motors and controllers for industrial machines and robotics offer four-quadrant motor operation at voltages up to 24 V and are ideal for battery-powered applications.

You can learn more about our solutions for this industry by reviewing the data sheets.

High-Precision Electronics for Industry-Specific Needs

Electric motors operate cleanly and efficiently, with a wide range of speed control options. Due to their durability, they are a vital solution for many industry-diverse applications. At CMI, we create custom electric motors for the world’s most demanding environments. Using proprietary high-power, hermetically sealed drives, our motors and controllers are built to last, even in hostile environments.

With nearly 60 years of experience and a 250,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space, we have everything your project needs to succeed. CMI is ISO 9001:2015 certified and designs and builds all of our products in-house. If you have any questions about our solutions for your industry or would like to get your next project started, simply reach out to our experts today.