Custom Electric Motors For Your Project

Composite Motors’ series of brushless DC motors are made possible by our proprietary materials and design.  All Composite Motors clad metals are manufactured in-house at our sister company, Composite Modules, and are used for electronic substrates, where they achieve maximum thermal transfer.

Composite Motors’ compact hermetic electronic driver enclosures utilize this technology, and by design, handle impressive amounts of power.

Each package is integrated with a BLDC motor, heat sink, amplifier, controller, and a planetary gear reducer.  Employing custom stator designs and special in-house winding equipment, the motors’ high-density slot fill allows it to produce formidable power densities.  We offer gear motors in a variety of ratios, speeds, torque and power ratings.

All of our motors have been tested and proven to withstand harsh environments such as salt water submersion and extreme ambient temperature conditions.

High Performance Motors & Controllers

Composite Motors offers a unique line of high-performance BDCM controllers.  Models available include both printed circuit types and Hi-Rel hermetic packages.  Powers range from fractional to integral horsepower. Composite Motors utilizes the latest in advanced controller technologies such as Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and High Voltage ASIC’s integrated with our proprietary High Power Drives.  All controllers are made to last and perform in hostile environments. The drivers are hermetically sealed, and the entire unit is Class B Autoclavable at 134°C.