Brushless DC Motors 

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from NEMA 17 through NEMA 56.
  • Non-NEMA and custom configurations available.
  • Wide range of power levels and operating environments available.
  • Speed ranges from up to 100,000 rpm.
  • Lower speeds available with our motor/gear combinations.  
  • Operating voltages from 10vdc to 48vdc.
  • Most motors available with integral drivers.
  • Multi-Stator motors are available in most sizes.  Three stack three phase is most common.  These motors have a very high power to size ratio and a high torque/rpm curve.
  • Applications Include:
    • Motion Control, Linear and Rotary
    • Servo Positioning, when fitted with Encoder
    • Conveyors, Variable Speed, Indexing
    • Power Tools, Assembly Line Screwdrivers, Torque Drivers
    • Actuators, Gates, Doors, Bins, Lids
    • Robotic Arm Drives
    • Personal Transport, Carts, Wheelchairs, Bicycles
    • ATV's, Lawn and Garden Implements
    • Home Appliances
    • High Temperature Applications
    • Clean Room Environment

Custom Motors

  • Any of our motors are available with custom modifications to suit your special needs.
  • Special shaft configurations.
  • Special mounting configurations.
  • Custom front end housings and heavy duty bearings for high overhung loads.
  • Housings and hermetically sealed drivers to accomodate harsh environments.
  • "Custom" is not limited to modifications to existing motors.  CMI can design and manufacture custom motors, including special laminations, rotors and magnets to your specifications.


  • CMI produces high quality BLDC and Swiched Reluctance motor rotors.  Our BLDC rotors incorporate CMI's patented magnet sleeve technology and are OD ground to very close tolerances to allow for minimal air gap clearances.
  • They can be supplied with your choice of magnets, number of poles and shaft configuration, including a laminated core.
  • Our laminated switched reluctance rotors can be supplied in many pole configurations and are made with laminations manufactured in-house using our proprietary processes.


  • CMI produces what may be the very best motor laminations in the world.  Our manufacturing process begins with high permeability magnetic iron materials and continues with our precise, burr less stamping operations and proprietary oxidation.
  • This oxidation process produces an excellent electrical isolation finish without varnish or other insulating materials.  
  • Our in-house toolmakers can quickly make the tooling to produce a lamination to fit your requirements.

Lamination Stacks

  • CMI can supply complete, ready to wind lamination stacks to your specifications.  Our laminations are manufactured in-house using proprietary processes.
  • They are then machine stacked by CMI's proprietary automatic tooling, after which they are immediately laser welded, on the back side, into a robust lam stack with no varnish or glue.
  • CMI lam stacks have very close ID to OD size and concentricity tolerances.

Wound Stators

  • CMI can supply ready to install wound stators to your specifications.  The stators begin with CMI laminations assembled into stacks using CMI proprietary equipment and processes.
  • The stators are then wound on proprietary automatic winding equipment.  This equipment can install windings into slotted stators with bore sizes as small as 1/2". 
  • Before shipping, all wound stators will be 100% tested for coil resistance.  Hi-Pot for insulation quality and other checks according to your specifications.
  • Unusual winding patterns are easily accommodated.

Motor Components

  • A motor is more than a rotor and stator.  There are end bells, housings, spacers, covers, molded insulators, terminals, even custom fasteners and more. 
  • CMI is vertically integrated with many engineering and manufacturing disciplines.
  • The modern CNC mills, lathes, Swiss type automatics, Wire EDM, grinders, laser welders, stator winders and other equipment and processes in use for our own products allows us to offer motor components at competitive prices.  

Gear Motors 

  • When lower speeds and higher torques are needed, CMI integral gearheads are the way to go.
  • Composite Motors manufactures gears and reducers in our own in-house gear shop.  This assures the right match in the smallest package as well as good control over quality and delivery.
  • Gears and reduction units are offered in several types:
    • Single and Multiple Stage Parallel Shaft Spur Gear
    • Single and Multiple Stage Planetary 
    • Wide range of Ratios available
    • Integral to Motor Housing
    • NEMA "C" Face Mounting
    • Available with any CMI Motor, DC, Brushless DC
    • Stand-alone Units

Automation Equipment

  • CMI has extensive experience and capabilities in designing and building automation equipment for a variety of markets and manufacturing needs.  Custom assembly equipment is a CMI specialty.
  • From standalone workstations to fully automatic assembly lines with a variety of operations and processes along the way, CMI produces automatic equipment for its' own use and has probably done an operation similar to yours. 
  • Our automation expertise is not limited to motor manufacturing; we have serviced automotive, medical, commercial and military markets for over 30 years.
  • The process can begin at the materials and component level, stop at the sub-assembly level, or proceed through final assembly and test of a fully functional product.
  • Depending on your needs and production volumes, the equipment can include both manual and fully automatic systems.

Hermetic Sealers

  • CMI hermetically sealed motor drivers are a mainstay of our product line.
  • We have developed our own equipment, materials and processes.
  • Our machinery has incorporated the very latest in PLC based control, servo controlled axes, user friendly HMI, robust electrodes and power delivery systems.
  • CMI manufactures its' own special materials and components to include hermetic glass-sealed packages and lids. 
  • Verified leakage rates are at the limits of available tests to measure.  
  • Our equipment and material systems are now available to other users custom engineered products.

Veterinary Devices

  • In 2016 we launched our new veterinary device the "Jones Pro Series "Cool Cut" equine dental float.
  • Using our extensive knowledge in electronics and motor design we developed the only Autoclavable equine tooth float on the market.  
  • Lightweight, water cool feature, battery powered and whisper quiet it is revolutionizing the industry.